Story of weaving.
Our production process.

Passion for fabrics


Our range of fabrics includes textile fashion goods (cotton, polyester, viscose…), more specific industrial initiatives and environmentally-friendly initiatives (organic cotton, Ecovero viscose or recycled polyester). On a monthly basis, we offer the latest developments that adapt to the relentless pace of the textile market.

Attention to dyeing


Thanks to our environmentally friendly production process, we are able to offer an infinite number of colours that are transferred to any fabric according to our clients’ needs. We are committed to environment and every day we work to reduce the water footprint throughout our process, in addition to environmentally friendly chemical management practices.

Creativity and technology in printing

Printing ideas since 1886

Sedatex is leader in the textile printing market and combines conventional processes with the most cutting-edge technology. Every week our team showcases collections with the latest trends and unique proposals.

Difference in finishing


The finishings we offer to the market are what set us apart.

This process is key to ensure a first-class quality product for any type of garment.

Our progress in technology


Technology is one of our pillars. In a world where technology is leading the change, Sedatex invests in facilities and processes to be able to competitively adapt to the market by offering added value in all their products.

Innovation is in our DNA